My wife and I required the assistance of Perelmuter Law to help with our immigration case. The lawyers did a great job and got it done very quickly. They had the knowledge we needed. We got our case approved without issues! Thanks guys!

By : Jingwen and Andrew

The lawyers here are really smart! More importantly they always answer the phone or call me right back. I will use these guys for all my immigration needs.

By : Wilson

Perelmuter Law really helped me get out of a jam last year. Once I talked to one of their lawyers I knew I was in good hands. He walked me through the whole process and we got the good outcome that I needed.

By : Mr. Boakye

I would like to personally thank Yanky Perelmuter for him patient, kind and gracious immigration services in aiding and caring toward keeping my wife Sara and I together. They were both extremely prompt and engaging with any of our needs/questions regarding the paperwork in order for myself to remain in the US from Canada permanently. With my new wife and step-children, leaving simply would have been a devastating loss. We were not knowledgeable of immigrations laws, and through a lot of ups and downs along the way, Yanky were able to successfully prepare us for all the information we needed to make this as smooth and comfortable as possible. It is safe to say that these guys are number one and we both highly recommend them as immigration lawyers. I am now a lawful permanent resident with employment and Sara and I couldn’t be more thankful! Plus, these guys have great personalities and are an absolute blessing to work with! Thank-you to the both of you for keeping our family together!

By : Amanda & Sara

“Not being able to bring my spouse to the U.S. whenever I wanted was very stressful.  The immigration lawyers at Perelmuter Law held my hand through the entire immigration process and even made last minute calls to the Manila Embassy on my behalf. They took on a very difficult case and were always a phone call away when I had any question big or small. They were extremely attentive and reliable. They believed in my case and worked effortlessly to ensure we were approved despite some of the challenges that had to be worked through. They care about their clients and are always there to answer questions.  Thank you so much guys!”

By : Meredith and Avery

“I have lived in the U.S. for over 20 years without a green card.  For all of these 20 years I could never go home to see my children and grandchildren.  I have hired and paid lots of money to big city lawyers in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia but never had success with my case.  I hired these two young immigration lawyers at Perelmuter Law and I have never seen lawyers work for me like this.  They helped me so much and it changed my whole life.  I will never use or let my friends use another lawyer for anything.”

By : A. Gomez

“Having been recently married to a foreign national, I needed someone to help my new wife and I through the complicated immigration process.  We called Perelmuter Law and their immigration lawyers handled our case very efficiently and we obtained my wife’s green card faster than expected.  They are also easy and fun to work with.  Thanks guys!”

By : Ethan Williams

Perelmuter Law is awesome to work with. They treat you like family when you walk through the door. And they take your case seriously and always gives all their efforts and support. The lawyer is very resourceful and gives you all the right information. The lawyer needs 10 stars because he has a passion for his career and he has respect for all of his clients. And his paralegal is awesome, she always keeps us informed and always keeps in contact with us regarding our case.

By : Natasha and Rameez

I spoke with several different lawyers in the area before I hired Perelmuter Law to represent my family’s immigration case. I am glad that I chose this firm as the associates at the firm are highly knowledgeable regarding immigration. The service is also reasonably priced. I strongly recommend the firm to anyone who is looking for a immigration lawyer.

By : Jessie W.