Perelmuter Law was founded upon a strong desire to assist businesses and individuals in the navigation of complex legal issues. In this regard, our attorneys not only call upon their legal experience to solve their clients’ legal matters, they infuse everything they do with a passion and excitement that can be seen on their faces and heard in their voices. Put more simply, our lawyers love what they do, love their diverse client base, and wake up in the morning with a zest for service.

Our lawyers are inquisitive by nature and crave new experiences. As such, it should not be a surprise that they have been drawn towards the area of immigration law. Practicing immigration law not only gives our lawyers the intellectually stimulating opportunity of assisting their clients in a complicated and always changing area of law, it also provides the equally stimulating experience of meeting and working with incredible people from around the globe. Through their clients’ stories, our team experiences the world without stepping on a plane.

In addition to immigration law, our core competencies include Wills and Estates, Personal Injury, Divorces, Bankruptcy, and Criminal matters. The team at Perelmuter Law works with their clients for the best result in every legal matter. We encourage you to call us for a consultation.